TC Zonamerica


Transcargo's RDC #1 at Zonamerica ( started its operations during 1993. This park has its own and special characteristics regarding modern architectural planning which has set it aside from all other FTZ undertakings.

Zonamerica's architects in charge of the park have been extremely careful regarding the quality of the environmental work as well as very respectful of the natural environment.

Transcargo's warehouse was specially designed according to the most modern and advanced Warehousing and Distribution facilities requirements. The structure and all other additional materials were imported from the US.

Quantum building was made in such a way as to allow maximum optimization of roof covered space. Maximum height of the unit allows installation of racks for pallets, up to 9 m. Presently, there are 2,500 pallets positions available. Inside, narrow aisle trilateral forklifts operates with full pallets and in picking activities. Total covered warehousing is 6,200 m2 divided among different structures.
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Regional Distribution Center n░1 & Main Office
Route 8 km 17.500 Of: 504 - Quantum
Zonamerica (CP: 91600), Montevideo
Tel.: (598) 2518 2555

Libertad Free Trade Zone

Regional Distribution Center n░2
Route 1 km 49 - Transcargo
Libertad Free Trade Zone (CP: 80100), San JosÚ
Tel.: (598) 4345 4873
Fax: (598) 4345 4874