Security Policy

Because safety matters to us, we are concerned about your safety.
Security is a process subject to constant changes due to its dynamism, external globalization factors, changes in laws and international business demands that different nations apply, and technological development.

Due to what represents in terms of satisfaction and confidence to the Customer, Security is an intrinsic value of the Logistics Business, as well as normative compliance demanded by the authorities.

Normally, security problems related to the security of the supply chain are apparently simple, but could represent a greater risk or of high impact to the company.

Transcargo's security management, has a proactive scope on security, through the analysis of incidents with minor but real or potential effects for:
  • Preventing and managing risks effective and efficiently.
  • Promote and keep up-to-date normalization and security of the supply chain procedure standardization.
  • Keep a safe working atmosphere.
  • Prevent criminal activities.
  • To decrease claim administrative paperwork (related to damage and losses).
  • To prevent damages to the supply chain caused by involuntary actions or errors.
  • To prevent the loss of image and markets, caused by security incidents to the supply chain.
  • Work to gain the fidelity of our Customers (or to gain new ones) growing their trustworthiness towards our company.

Transcargo's management on the security on the supply chain is developed in different fields: transport & distribution means and routes, training to face emergencies, crisis management, interests and responsibility management of our providers.

For the aforesaid, Transcargo has defined the Security Management Policy, and through this communication is being formally shared with Customers and Providers.

Transcargo wishes to thank all collaboration on spreading this Policy within your staff members. We remain at your disposal in order to work as a team aiming to improve the processes, to the greater benefit of all parts involved.
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