TC Free Trade Zones

TC Free Trade Zones

Based on its geographical location and logistics infrastructure in addition to the social and economic framework; Uruguay has become the regional service export benchmark. These advantages, along a modern Free Trade Zone legal framework, are fundamental factors that determine a competitiveness plus for companies operating in the global as well as the regional market.

Uruguay has developed to be a regional referent in the exportation of services because of its geographical location and its logistic infrastructure as well as its legal, social and economic framework. These advantages and a modern Free Trade Zones Legislation are factors that determine a plus in competitiveness for the companies operating in the global market or in the region.

Free Trade Zones Legislation grants the following benefits:

  • Free currency exchange.
  • Customs exemptions.
  • Total tax exemptions.
  • Financial freedom and capital repatriation.
  • Product assembly and manufacturing activities are allowed.
  • Legal warranties and recognized system transparency.

Transcargo is a leading Service Provider operating Distribution Centers in Zonamerica (Montevideo Free Trade Zone) and in Libertad Free Trade Zone. Both locations were designed for taking the best advantages of the Free Trade Zones Legislation towards a sensible growth in our client's business competitiveness.
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Regional Distribution Center n░1 & Main Office
Route 8 km 17.500 Of: 504 - Quantum
Zonamerica (CP: 91600), Montevideo
Tel.: (598) 2518 2555

Libertad Free Trade Zone

Regional Distribution Center n░2
Route 1 km 49 - Transcargo
Libertad Free Trade Zone (CP: 80100), San JosÚ
Tel.: (598) 4345 4873
Fax: (598) 4345 4874